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step into the rose priestess path

does the word Priestess awaken something within you? do you feel a remembrance of ancient times?

are you ready to finally say YES to your sacred purpose, sacred sexuality & juicy feminine health?

do you long for a connection to the Sacred Feminine mysteries?


are you having blocks to your orgasms, sexuality, divinity, power, body image, self-worth, femininity, vital womb health & purpose ?

do you need to feel seen, heard, loved and supported as you embark on the priestess path?


The Priestess is now starting to be remembered. She is awakening within women's hearts and calling us to once again practice the ancient ways and be the bridge between the goddess and the world. Society taught us to act like men in order to be worthy and accepted. It taught us to be ashamed of our feminine self, the sacred feminine principle.

because of this, many women are currently living in a constant state of disconnection from their bodies innate wisdom & intelligence, their womb wisdom, from Gaia and from the Goddess/Divine Feminine.

The Priestess has been forgotten as the patriarchal religions have taken over the world, but she is being remembered once more as the Goddess rises. 

the body tells on us, it tells us what we hold on to, the trauma that we keep, what we need and how we are living.

a return to the feminine is a return to the body.

a return to the body is a return to the womb.

a return to the womb is a return to the goddess. 

a return to the goddess is a return to divine love & primal wisdom.

it is very rare to see women who embody the true feminine principle & we haven't had any examples of what a true Queen looks like. but we don't really need examples, as SHE lives within you. the archetype of the Priestess lives dormant you.


so what is a priestess?

A woman who exudes confidence, compassion, femininity, royalty, sovereignty, benevolence & is connected to the Divine.

she is also an archetype. archetype means "original pattern". archetypes according to carl jung are "universal, archaic symbols that derive from the collective unconscious."  these can be thought of as eternal ideas that have always existed and will always exist. examples: the hero, the lover, the explorer. 

all humans have access to archetypes, each archetype is a part of the psyche.

in the realm of the feminine, there are many archetypes as well; the seductress, the whore, the virgin, the mother etc. 

during our mentorship, we will focus on embodying and awakening the Queen archetype that lives within you and is ready to be expressed.

I would love to support you to step into your Queendom during an exclusive 3 month private mentorship


During our Mentorship

  • You will be initiated into the rose lineage of the goddess

  • you will get clear on your purpose and what's holding you back

  • you will explore your relationship to sexuality & pleasure

  • you will work with the medicine of the rose to open & heal the heart

  • you will discover what it means to be a priestess of the rose

  • you will dive deep into releasing beliefs, patterns and anything that does not serve you any longer

  • you will have support from a sister that will hold your hand along the way

  • you will journey with a different Goddess every month to support your journey on the unseen realms

  • you will be held accountable & supported to follow your heart's desires & dreams

  • you will learn womb vitality practices to help with painful menstrual cycles and sexual vitality

  • you will learn how to track your cycle 

  • you will receive somatic practices for releasing trauma

  • you will be sent a customized flower essence formula every month to support you emotionally 

  • you will receive a Rose Queen Vitality Box that includes: a nephrite jade yoni egg, womb tea, an altar card, sacred rose anointing oil & a pearl necklace

  • you will be given practices and homework on a weekly basis to help you cultivate and deepen into your priestess path, feminine radiance, health and power

Mentorship Curriculum

Temple of the White Rose

month 1 with Mother Mary


Temple of the Red Rose

month 2 with Mary Magdalene


Temple of the Pink Rose

month 3 with Isis