My Story...

I was born and raised in Colombia. I grew up surrounded by lush abundant natural beauty. since I was a child I've always been interested in magical, mystical matters and I remember being in 2nd grade asking "who created god?" to which I never got an answer, questions like that sparked the path I'm on now. nature was my first teacher and first initiatrix into the mystical realms. much of my knowledge is derived from being connected to the earth, she holds infinite wisdom. at 13 me and my mother moved to new York city. 

this so far has been one of the greatest initiations in my life, to move to another country only with my mom, without speaking the language, having to adapt to a different culture and everything that comes with it. from this I learned that the human spirit is stronger & more resilient than we can imagine. at 19 I did a 500 hr yoga teacher training, yoga opened me up to the beauty and magic of the body and the amazing world of tantra. i love yoga and a part of me felt the need for something "deeper" more feminine, my soul yearned for priestess ritual arts and that's when i found priestesses of the moon by achyntia & ameya, my first 2 mentors. this training changed my world. 

picture by rachel crane 

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I learned the great beauty and power of earth based feminine spirituality & moon/womb mysteries. through the years I've continued to deepen and study the left-hand path of the feminine mysteries. through my own realizations and awakenings, it is clear to me that the world is starving for the true feminine. both women and men need the loving embrace of the mother goddess which in turn gives birth to the divine masculine. in society and mostly religion we see men as the only spiritual authority. ancient times show us something different, it was the women that held spiritual authority because we are more in tune with the unseen. we have a portal within us, our wombs which birth souls from the unseen to the seen, we are natural shamans, priestesses & witches. 


left: shona keeli, middle: haley kelly, right: sofia. picture by rachel crane 

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Our wombs are connected to the Moon and Cosmos. It is known that in these ancient societies where women were the spiritual keepers everything was more peaceful and in order. It is not about the feminine above the masculine, it is about balance and honoring each of their unique qualities. my hope and prayer is to bring the long needed energy of the divine feminine into this planet & to guide women into reawakening the archetypes of the goddess that live within each of us. I love to merge sexuality and spirituality, Eros and the divine, pleasure and devotion. these are my two favorite aspects of life and for so long they have been separated. But in truth when used correctly, sexuality can be the most spirtual experience. 

The Rose Path found me, even though it feels as if it was always there. as my connection to the divine feminine grew so did my connection with Mary Magdalene and eventually I came to learn about the mysteries of Isis and remember myself as a reincarnated priestess of Isis & as a Magdalene. the path of the rose is the path of Love.  The Grail represents the truest, deepest part of the Self. It is an honor to share these teachings that have been suppresed & underground for thousands of years. 


My Training...

I honor, Love and respect all my teachers, thank you for paving the way & shining the light

  • 500- Hr Yoga Teacher Training- Atmananda Yoga

  • Priestesses of the Moon- Achintya Devi & Joanne Ameya.

  • Moon Temple Facilitator Training- Achintya Devi & Joanne Ameya/ Goddess Rising Mystery School.

  • Flower Essence Practitioner Training- Joanne Ameya/ Woman Rising Mystery school.

  • Venusian Rose Temple Arts Training- Shona Keeli / The Rose Lineage Mystery School.

  • Priestesses of the Rose; year and a day Training- Achintya Devi & Joanne Ameya

  • Life Coach Training- Transformation Academy

  • Ordained Venusian Rose Priestess with The Rose Lineage Mystery School/ Ministry.

       And many more...​



Sofia is a devotee of the Great Mother, Priestess of the Rose Lineage and the Isis-Magdalene Feminine Mysteries. Through ceremonial and oracular magic, she is devoted to guiding women into the wisdom of the moon cycle,womb empowerment, spiritual sovereignty, and sensual liberation.
She is guided by Lady Venus in the tantric path of union, pleasure and the Beauty Way. Sofia loves to witness women reclaim their voice, bodies, innate wildness and erotic innocence. She is also trained in the Moon Priestess Arts, is a Flower Essence Practitioner and a 500 hr Certified Yoga Teacher. She lives and holds monthly Goddess Temples/ Women Circles in New York City and is originally from Colombia.