To find ease and grace in your life, opening to the wellspring of life-force within is an essential step.

In a society that has manifested itself through power over tactics, exploitation, and fear, giving ourselves permission to nourish our needs, relax, and open safely in our bodies, is one of the most beautiful and revolutionary acts we can give ourselves and the Earth.

Waking up to how your life was going against the powerful currents of the river of life force from the Source has the potential to create a powerful shift to a world of nourishment, belonging, community, and healing.

Surrendering to these inner currents of energy, can open us to our softness, our vulnerability, and our deeper fulfillment, all of which create authentic strength.  It is a nurturing of this that can fill us with the vitality and easeful grace that bloom the soul flower of our life in its fullness.

I'm excited to announce that I will be featured as an expert speaker in Chalice & the Well Experiential Conference, where we will come together to find resonance with our deepest wells of energy with guided meditations, transmissions, blessings, and practices from myself and 24 other thought leaders, shamans, teachers, healers, and wisdomkeepers including Sienna Sherman, AmaYa Ma Kumara, Ilarion Merculieff, Devi Ward, Isis Indriya, Anaiya Sophia, David Manning, Kimba Arem, and many others!

When we gather together for healing in this way, we open portals for more humans to create a culture of regeneration, respect for life, and embodied humanness.