Blessings dear one,

Do you have a deep sense of longing to play a bigger role in the sacred awakening of humanity? Have the sudden shifts now before us activated a passion to embody your feminine leadership energies more fully? Are you wondering if you are even ready yet? 

Beloved sister I promise you, the inner work you’ve been courageously navigating (maybe for months, maybe for years) has prepared you for these times. 

Like you, I have walked the path of desire and uncertainty – seeking to find the way to fully embody and share my sacred gifts, is not always easy, and you will be met with challenges, but is so worth it! Because your medicine and voice is needed now. 

Today it has become clear that the Priestesses must rise. We are being called now to bring forth our sacred gifts, our wisdom and our love to a planet in transition. This is why I was a full-body “Yes!” when Priestess Dawn DelVecchio invited me to share my message during her upcoming  online series, Return of the Priestess II. 

Now it is our time to lead, as the old world shifts in preparation for the birth of the new.

Last year’s series activated 10s of 1000s of women worldwide. It is an honor for me to be a part of this transformational series during year two! 

Throughout the 27+ video interviews and live ceremonies, you will discover just how global our sacred sisterhood truly is. When you do, you will receive spiritual tools, activations, blessings and prayers from Priestesses, Wisdom Elders, Sacred Feminine Leaders and Lineages from around the world. 

This is more than a series of conversations, this is a Ceremonial Gathering to activate and bless your Sacred Feminine, Priestess Path. To join us, simply register HERE

Here’s a quick peek at a few of the powerful experiences you will have:

  • Align your Eternal Heaven within, with Dr. Celestine Iisha Star.

  • Awaken the Rose Mystica Grail with Achintya Devi.

  • Discover the Rose & Serpent Pathway to Leadership with Ameya Cohen.

  • Experience a traditional Balinese ceremony of prayer with Luh Manis.

  • Open the Magdalene Rose Flame at the center of your being with Sofia Magdalene Rose.

  • Activate your Starseed DNA with the Light Language of Tiffany Tin.

  • Learn a simple practice for engaging your compassionate heart with Sally Kempton.

  • Discover how you can use the healing power of dance to transform your life with Rev. Anandha Ray.

  • Reclaim your Sacred Womb Power with Marguerite Rigoglioso, PhD.

  • Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Channeled Messages, and so much more!

This series has been lovingly co-created by Priestess Leaders from all corners of Earth in order to serve and activate you for the times to come. 

Because the truth is, your wisdom, your power, and your gifts are most needed now.

And so I welcome you to stand with us, a circle of Priestesses who have your back so that you can embody your full gifts now! Simply Register HERE to join us for this FREE online series + Global Feminine Activation.