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Awaken your Divine Feminine Erotic Power

Do you have a deep longing to be held, seen, touched and dare I say sensually worshipped the way your female body desires as a form of ancient temple arts medicine? 
Do you yearn to be adored, awoken, and re-activated into the fullest exquisite expression of your femininity?
Do you need to feel an embodied sense of sensuality, abundance, and trust in yourself and life itself again?

step into a deliciously devotional and luscious temple of divine love where you can remember the essence of your soul, your erotic feminine power and emerge as a reborn queen

feminine healing bodywork is a hands on devotional tantric massage designed to reconnect you to the essence of the divine feminine that resides in your body. this bodywork is a template for healing the female form as it was specifically designed for the female body. this is a full body, mind and spirit healing reactivation of your erotic innocence  


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