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Awaken your Divine Feminine Erotic Power

Do you have a deep longing to be held, seen, touched and dare I say sensually worshipped the way your female body desires as a form of ancient temple arts medicine? 
Do you yearn to be adored, awoken, and re-activated into the fullest exquisite expression of your femininity?
Do you need to feel an embodied sense of sensuality, abundance, and trust in yourself and life itself again?
Image by Tiffany Nguyen

step into a deliciously devotional and luscious temple of divine love where you can remember the essence of your soul, your erotic feminine power and emerge as a reborn queen

feminine healing bodywork is a hands on devotional tantric massage designed to reconnect you to the essence of the divine feminine that resides in your body. this bodywork is a template for healing the female form as it was specifically designed for the female body. this is a full body, mind and spirit healing reactivation of your erotic innocence