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1 on 1 flower essence therapy

Flower essences are liquid, energetic remedies derived from living flowers. They move and shift our vibration while moving deep-seated gunk, beliefs, patterns and trauma out of the unconscious mind to the conscious mind to be processed and released.

Flower Essences can help:

  • release limiting deep-seated beliefs

  • reduce or eliminate anxiety, depression, irritability & other emotional ailments

  • process and heal trauma 

  • create new habits/ways of being that support us to live the life we truly want

  • set strong boundaries with ease 

  • develop greater self-love, self-worth & self-esteem

  • heal sexual trauma & any other type of sexual blockage

  • have a greater connection to spirit/god/goddess 

  • align the body-mind-spirit connection

  • release any junk that's been held in the system since childhood

  • anything that is not your true essence/soul melt away

  • and so much more...

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How long is a session & what can i expect?

Sessions are 60-minutes. It is very similar to a 1 on 1 therapy session, the main difference is that I ask a lot of insightful questions that can lead into deeper self-awareness & reflection. I recommend 3 sessions ( 3 months ) at least.

How are flower essences administered?

flower essences are liquid remedies, take 3 drops under the tongue, 3 times a day. shake before using.

do flower essences have side effects? can they be taken with medications?

flower essences have no harmful side effects, you can't overdose either. sometimes when a person is releasing emotionally, they might experience physical symptoms (headache, rash, random pains) that pass in a couple days, this is part of the healing journey but not everyone experiences it.

who can take flower essences?

absolutely everyone ! from babies, children, teens, adults to animals. essences are vibrational healing medicine.

how much are the sessions & what do they include?

one session is $125 & it includes your formula. we can meet in person (NYC) or over the phone. The formula will be mailed to you at no extra cost.

how long does the formula last?

your customized formula lasts about 1 month, when you are done we meet again for the next session and you will receive a new formula


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