The Tantric Magdalene

Unifying Sex & Spirit through the Feminine Mysteries.

I wrote this article a while back for ROAR, Feminine Rising Magazine.

The Eastern Favorite by Edwin Longsden

Mary Magdalene... who was she? Prostitute, disciple, apostle to the apostles? There is so much out there about her story, her secrets, her teachings and her mysteries. When we look deep and far we come to find a very different story from that of the Church and the scriptures that the world has accepted for the past 2,000 years, we come to find a fully embodied, awakened woman, even deeper a High Priestess trained in the sexual arts of the Goddess and if we look much much much deeper we come to find the wife of Yeshua, mother of his bloodline and rightful carrier of his Church and when we look even deeper, we find the Feminine Christ; the Anointrix of the Anointed One. Her real story brings us to a deep erotic place within ourselves where we as women find the Goddess through pleasure and God through surrender.

Mary Magdalene is here to tach us that there is no separation between sexuality and spirituality, in fact sex is so sacred that there is a whole lineage dedicated to it and many practices for us to cultivate and refine our sexual energy. This is the tantric Magdalene, a woman who knows her sexuality is of the highest magick and when used correctly it can catalyze the awakening of the Divine within us. Through sex magic and the awakened womb of Mary Magdalene, Yeshua became the Christ 'Anointed One', this shows us the very needed role of the Feminine in the play of the Divine. See, for the last 8,000 years we have been under the spell that makes us believe that the Feminine Principle is not necessary for our spiritual growth and our connection to God, but this spell has only brought greater despair and unbalance to our world. Mary Magdalene is a radical being, because her existence alone shakes the very foundations that Christianity and the Church were built in, she is and has been their greatest threat and when we look at the bigger picture, the Feminine as a whole threatens the powers that be, because it is HER who will heal and liberate the world.

So she comes to us in the form of the Tantric Magdalene to guide us into the temple of our womb and initiate us into the sacred sexual arts. To use our sexuality like the sacred, creative energy that it is. The Tantric Magdalene is not just one woman-Mary Magdalene-she is also you, me, she, us. The Magdalenes are a collective of women who carry in their DNA and cellular memory the codes (information) of erotic innocence, deep sensuality and divine union, we are the living lineage of Mary Magdalene, also known as the lineage of the Rose. The Rose is a symbol for the Goddess and her mysteries, she represents the spiral path of the feminine, the open womb & yoni, the awakened heart and divine love. Through the Rose we come deeper into wholeness as erotic, spiritual women who unify these seeming opposites and so making the material spiritual and vice versa.

Art by unknown

The Goddess path doesn't deny the material, the physical, the human, the Goddess path spiritualizes all the aspects that most religions & spiritual sects seek to escape and transcend, but the only way to make a truly real lasting impact in the world for the better is to see the world as sacred, something patriarchal religions do not do and thus they escape it but never change it. Therefore, tantra is the weaving of the dual aspects within and without us and Magdalene as the Feminine Principle brings us as women up and close to the Divine and bringing men to a higher level of honoring the Feminine Principle. Once the Feminine Principle is honored, sexuality is honored because they are one and the same, feminine energy is creative sexual energy; Shakti.

So sister, call on Mary Magdalene if you are dealing with issues around sexuality, if you feel shame around your erotic nature and long to feel the divine in your pleasure. May you remember that your pleasure is a holy offering at the temple of love and that your womanhood is sacred.