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A 22-day practice in devotion to Mary Magdalene leading up to her feast day.

July 22-August 13, 2021

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Do you long to learn, embody and immerse yourself in the teachings of Mary Magdalene?

Are you curious to find out more about her story, her truth and her legacy?

Is she calling you into your Erotic Awakening?

Do you feel the seductive pull of the Rose?

Is Venus calling to you, wisphering to come discover her feminine mysteries?

Do you feel the Magdalene consciousness wanting to be embodied ?

Mary Magdalene has been coming to the forefront of our consciousness, emerging from a deep, long and dark night of two thousand years of lies, suppression and distortion. She is longing to have her daughters come back to her, and for us all to embody the Magdalene Rose Essence of Divine Love. Exploring her story and her truth is essential to the rise of feminine in the planet, she holds the keys of the forbidden feminine mysteries that women have been thirsting for. The Magdalene energy doesn't just belong to one woman. Magdalene is a bigger archetypal consciousness and essence of the feminine that we can embody and awaken within us.


Venus is our guiding star on the Rose Lineage and Feminine Path, by connecting deeper to Venus we create an opportunity to activate our dormant feminine, erotic, juicy and divine codes.


Live opening & Closing Ceremonies

During our ceremonies we will learn about Mary Magdalene and her story, teachings, legacy and also connect to her through ritual. Calls will be 90 min on zoom.


Daily Anointing Practice

The Art of Anointing is one of the most ancient practices in the world, it stems from the myrrhophore tradition, a lineage of women known as 'The Mistresses of the Oils' who healed the soul and blessed through touch. You will receive a short pre-recorded practice to do daily.


Daily emails with passages from the best Magdalene Books

You will receive daily emails with epic passages from a plethora of books on Mary Magdalene that will inspire you and bring you closer to Her.


Live Erotic Awakening Ritual

We will gather live under a Venus Star Portal which is when Venus and the moon come into a Conjunction. This is a Star Portal that opens the gates of the Divine Feminine.

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Magdalene Altar Card

Receive a beautifully design Magdalene Altar Prayer card to keep by your altar, and draw daily inspiration from.


Immersion into the Isis-Magdalene Feminine Mysteries & Rose Lineage Teachings

We will explore the path of Divine Union, Sacred Sexuality, The Sacred Consort & Holy Prostitute.

The Tantric Magdalene is not just about sexuality and eros. Tantra is a whole system of liberation that doesn't always include sexuality. Tantra is about marrying seeming opposites, is about weaving things together and seeing the divine in the mundane. Mary Magdalene as a woman fully embodied the tantric principle of fully divine and fully human, fully sexual and fully spiritual. Mary Magdalene is the woman that holds the codes of sacred sexuality, abundance and spiritual liberation.

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Your Guide

“Sofia is a devotee of the Great Mother, Priestess of the Rose Lineage & Isis-Magdalene Feminine Mysteries, creatress of Venus Rose Mystery School through which she offers online initiations. By way of ceremonial and oracular magic, she is devoted to guiding women into the remembrance of life-in-devotion to the Divine Feminine & the ways of the Temple, the wisdom of the female body, priestess arts, spiritual sovereignty, sacred sexuality and sensual liberation. She is guided by Lady Venus in the tantric path of union, pleasure, and the beauty way. Sofia loves to witness women reclaim their voice, bodies, power, sensual expression, innate wildness and erotic innocence. She is also trained in the Moon Priestess Arts, is a Flower Essence Practitioner and a 500 hr Certified Yoga Teacher. She lives and holds in person Goddess Temples/ Women Circles in New York City and is originally from Colombia.”