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welcome to our online portal, this is where you will find all the content, replays and more.

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Opening Ceremony

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Anointing Practice

anointing is about blessing. do this practice everyday for our 22 days with your favorite oil. once you've watched the introduction you can skip it straight to the practice. set an intention before you anoint yourself, remember, long, slow and deep touch, do not rush and allow yourself to take your time as you anoint yourself. you can set a different intention every day if you wish. on the pdf you will find some of the oils that belong to the myrrhophore tradition, I listed the most accessible ones. the myrrhophores or "mistresses of the oils" have been women who heal with oils, most often this tradition was about assisting the soul during death through the power of the oils, anointing has also been used to crown kings and queens and mark major life events, whether happy or sad. it marks the official ending or beginning of something through ritualistic touch. so make this your daily rite of passage as you embody the magdalene and become more of who you are.

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Mary Magdalene: Hidden Illumined One

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Mary Magdalene: the power in her name

"Mary Magdalene is a talismanic name- it has magic within it. before we start our quest, we should pause a few moments at the temple gates and really drink in the essence of this name. how much can fit within two simple words ? entire worlds it seems; a new dreaming, a renewed holy matrimony of the universe. a forbidden herstory of such magnitude it could melt entire worldly structures. this name is a deep. spiraling, serpentine power portal; play with it on your lips, feel its thrilling, enchanting, alluring, disturbing call. Mary Magdalene, Marie Madeleine, Miriam of Magdala, Miryai e Mara. The Magdalene, Maria, Our Mary, Mari, Maryam. This name is truly a secret and dangerous invocation; it belongs on hidden manuscripts of lost incantations and alchemical formulas. it is a lost promise, now remembered. 

Jesus gave his disciples spiritual names that reflected their essence. He called Peter "the rock" judas "the knife" and he called his beloved spiritual partner Mary "the portal" meaning mystic yoni gateway. Magdalene is a word of great feminine power, it derives from the Hebrew name of the ancient mother goddess ma-gadala meaning "great mother", as well as the Aramaic Magdala and Hebrew migdial, both meaning "elevated", "magnificent" or "tower". In the Semitic languages "Mag" and "dal" are among the oldest primitive roots, signifying "great powerful magical" and "portal doorway" respectively. They are shared across other language families: the latin "maga" is a female magician, the feminine version of "magus" or "mage". the biblical greek "amygdale" derives from the same roots and means "almond" or "almond tree". the primary mother goddess of the gnostic sacred serpent sects was called amygdala's-representing the almond tree, the feminine tree of life, the first tree to flow in the spring: "(the almond tree) is the wakeful tree (Hebrew shaqued), that is, the early blooming, the first to wake from the winter sleep, sprang from the blood of the mother of the gods". it is also the vulva's shape mandorla or "magic doorway," portal of the goddess. in ancient Sumerian, the language of Inanna, who we will meet later in our story, the phrase mug-calla means "shining vulva gateway." the name magdalene at its origin means "magic doorway of the great mother", the primordial goddess, the tree and source of life. it held the secrets of a primeval "cunt theology" that became encoded as the mendorla of Mary.

even to this day, iconography of mother Mary is other held within an almond mandorla,  a coded wink for those who know that know that there is a secret "Mary mystery"  waiting to be revealed. this symbolism of the mandala encompasses both the sacred doorway of the woman's womb, and the mystical womb of consciousness sought out by all the great alchemists, shamans, and initiates. this divine gateway was also symbolized by the rose; and those who followed the magdalene mysteries were known as initiates of the rose line.

this mandorla or mystic rose, also suggests the amygdala region of the brain, the intuitive, feminine "feeling" center in all human beings, which is a portal to the cerebellar cosmic mother consciousness and can initiate profound awakenings. using this lunar wisdom, priestesses initiated others into the intuitive, visionary, divine love of the christ mysteries."

from the book "magdalene mysteries" by seven & aura Bertrand 

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Songs to connect to Her

these songs are a beautiful way to connect to Mary magdalene, I recommend putting this on while you do your anointing practice.

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Erotic Awakening Ritual

Video starts at 5 minutes in.

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Closing Ceremony