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venus rose mystery school is a temple space offered in devotion to the Great Mother Goddess, the Sacred Feminine that is now returning and reawakening on Earth. Step into this loving space to cultivate divine feminine energy, nourish your female form, deepen your spiritual path and initiate into the Priestess Path & Lineage of the Rose. venus rose mystery school draws knowledge and inspiration from mystical, occult & esoteric traditions from around the world such as Egyptian, Avalonian/Celtic and Tantric paths.

What is a Mystery School?

originally a mystery school was a physical place or temple were students of the mystery would go to become initiates, commit to their spiritual path, and do inner-work to ultimately "know thyself".

a mystery school offered life-long studies and a system of initiations or rites of passage that would challenge the student in order to facilitate transformation of the self and cultivation of the divine, these would result in self-realization or enlightenment. a mystery school inspires the student to live from their essence, be their best self, live out their purpose in service to love and achieve their highest potential.

the name venus rose is in dedication to the goddess of love venus, the keeper of the feminine mysteries, and in dedication to the rose who's a symbol for the blooming of the soul, the path of the goddess, and it's the western equivalent of the lotus.

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Mystery School Offerings

8-week initiation into the Rose & Menstr

womb mystic

magic, power, wisdom

A 9- week initiation into the teachings of the rose & the feminine mysteries.

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Image by Katie Harp