a 9-week online initiation into the rose & feminine mysteries 

june 10 - august 12, 2021

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Do you wish to know the sacredness and magick of your menstrual cycle?

Do you long to awaken, activate and cultivate sacred feminine energy so you can be of greater service?

Do you feel a connection to the Rose and the Grail?

Is Mary Magdalene calling you to deepen into your Erotic Expression?

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the time has come to once again to remember and practice the ancient sacred ways. the goddess is calling you to uncover and unveil her mysteries. the womb space is the holy grail that guards the secret of life and creation, it is time for women to be initiated into the feminine arts that have been suppressed and forbidden for thousands of years. it is time to remember the sacredness and magic of being a woman.


will you answer the call?


the modern woman is very disconnected from her womb, body wisdom and the earth, we have been programmed that to be worthy and accepted into society we must act and be like men, we have forsaken womanhood and put her in a dark place in our unconscious. most of us were never taught of the beauty of the menstrual cycle and its connection to the moon,  earth, how to live in harmony with our cyclical nature or how to nourish the female form.


the earth is in dire need of embodied, awakened women who live from their magnetic feminine center so they can be a guiding light for others in these shifting and unprecedented times.


a return to the feminine means a return to the body


a return to the body is a return to the yoni 'sacred temple"

(sanskrit for vagina,womb and all female reproductive organs)  

a return to the yoni/womb is a return to the goddess

a return to the goddess is a return to the earth 

as women start to awaken and remember their connection to the earth, moon and wombs, the priestess begins to rise, she who is a vessel for the goddess. she who is of service to love. The womb holds the key for the Feminine Mysteries. The sacred feminine is rising again and she is a portal into the holiest of holies.

womb mystic merges the teachings of the rose with the menstrual cycle for a complete dive into the feminine mysteries which will be both practical and mystical. this is an interactive course that teaches you how to live in harmony with your cyclical nature, practices for optimum feminine health, lunar wisdom, womb mysteries & priestess awakening guidance, all steeped in the medicine of the rose.

the journey is divided into 4 modules, one for each phase of the menstrual cycle and its corresponding moon phase and rose teaching.

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teachings of the white rose

follicular phase 

module 1- week 1 & 2

teachings of the pink rose

ovulation phase 

module 2- week 3 & 4


reclaiming your erotic innocence

releasing the past and inviting in


your indestructible purity & healing trauma

understanding the follicular phase


white rose/follicular phase mentorship call & ceremony

white rose transmission with mother mary

inner child healing & reclaiming the maiden

tracking your cycle

21 day womb sadhana 


embodying the lover & consort

divine union & sacred sexuality

reclaiming pleasure as a feminine spiritual practice

allowing yourself to shine

understanding the ovulation phase


pink rose/ovulation phase mentorship call & ceremony

pink rose transmission with isis

sensual sensorium practice

jade egg practice

aphrodisiacs to awaken the senses

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teachings of the red rose

luteal phase 

module 3- week 5 & 6

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teachings of the black rose

menstrual phase 

module 4- week 7 & 8


reclaiming the wild woman & witch

inviting passion into your life

releasing limiting beliefs & reclaiming your power

emotional alchemy

understanding the luteal phase


red rose/luteal phase mentorship call & ceremony

red rose transmission with mary magdalene

breast massage practice to soften & heal the heart

the art of anointing

dancing with shadows practice


reclaiming the wise woman

death & rebirth

boundaries & sacred thorns

blood mysteries & womb gates

understanding the menstrual phase


black rose/menstrual phase mentorship call & ceremony

black rose transmission with

the black madonna

protection practice

grail gates womb massage practice

moontime rituals

dark moon rituals

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one opening and one closing ceremonies live on zoom.

4 bi-weekly group mentorship calls live on zoom.

total 6 live calls.

initiation into the rose lineage & goddess path, rose teachings to enrich your life and deepen your spiritual path.

understanding the magic of the menstrual cycle and each menstrual phase to deepen into the feminine mysteries.

a beautiful pdf manuscript for each module.

4 modules total, one for each phase of the menstrual cycle & rose.

holistic womb and yoni care, embodiment & priestess practices delivered in video, audio or written format each week. 

recommended herbal medicine, flower essences & nutrition for a healthy cycle and hormonal balance.

private facebook group &

sisterhood of the rose to journey together.

a life changing curriculum that you get to keep forever

and online portal where all the content will be uploaded.

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you feel disconnected from your feminine essence & need to awaken her essence within you.

you feel ready to embrace sisterhood and heal the wound between women and desire to feel seen, supported and held.

you long to rediscover the ancient tradition of the goddess & are ready to know what it means to be & live as a priestess.

you are ready to transform and become the woman you were born to be, to release what is keeping you small and holding you back from living the life of your dreams.

you wish to understand the magic of womanhood & 

you are ready to release the chains of shame from your sensuality & sexuality.

you want to bring the sacred into the mundane & remember life in the temple as a priestess.

you feel called to the medicine of the rose, the rose lineage and the venus path.

you want to re-educate yourself on the menstrual cycle both in the

practical physiological sense and the mystical sense, you want to treat pms symptoms & menstrual pain naturally. 

you want to see and feel your menstrual blood as sacred and deprogram yourself from patriarchal programming that told you otherwise.

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2 payments of $622

3 payments of $422

if you need additional installment plans please contact connect@rosemystery.com

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Scholarships Available

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if funds are an issue for you right now, please apply for a scholarship.

there are only 2 partial scholarships available, full scholarship is taken.

We start in...


who is this course for ?

this course is open to all women who want to learn about the magic and mystery of womanhood, who want to come into right relationship with the menstrual cycle & discover the mysteries of femininity. this is for any woman who longs for a feminine approach to spirituality. this is for women who are ready for transformation, deep empowerment & who feel called to step into the priestess path.

who is this course not for ?

anyone who is not ready to commit to their growth, do the practices and invest their time and energy into the program.

what is a transmission ?

a transmission is a guided meditation journey in which a transfer of energy and codes are given through oral teachings.

what are codes ?

codes are information in the form of light, methaphysically speaking. think of them as knowledge.

where & when do we gather ?

we gather for the live calls every other friday on a live group zoom call. you will receive the link invitation the day before through email.

why do we gather every other week ?

to create space for integration and for you to have spaciousness to do the practices.

what is the lineage of this teachings ?

the rose lineage. this is the most ancient spirtitual lineage, dating back to the beginning of time, it was seeded when the great mother sophia birthed the world. it is a lineage of divine love and has traveled through time and space across cultures and ages. in ancient earth times, the rose lineage protected the mysteries of the goddess. this lineage has been living in the underground for thousand of years due to patriarchal prosecution againts the feminine. this lineage is now being remembered and is awakening is the hearts of many beings to bring great healing to the world through the lens of the divine feminine.

how do i know if this course is for me ?

do you feel something when you hear the word 'priestess' ? are you disconnected from your femininity and wish to reconnect ? do you want to learn about the sacredness of the menstrual cycle ? are you called to explore the spiritual tradition of the feminine ? are you looking for a natural approach to meet your trauma, depression & anxiety ? do you want to empower yourself to start living the life of your dreams, release all that holds you back & stop playing small ? are you curious about how the moon informs your rhytms ? are you longing to reconnect to the earth ? if you answered yes to any of these questions, this course is for you!

what if i'm afraid to invest in myself ?

sometimes when we are about to do something that is good for us we can feel resistance, this is because we might be afraid of change or of the unknown, when we are uncomfortable that is a powerful growth edge for you to explore. don't be afraid to expand! most people don't think twice about spending a lot in a bag or a pair of shoes. Investing in your growth, health and well-being should be a no brainer too ;)

are there refunds ?

we ask that you are 100% sure you want to join this journey. there are no refunds.

can i join if i'm religious ?

of course! this course is all inclusive, no matter your faith, you can join, as long as you have a geniune interest for the feminine spiritual path. this course can complement whatever religion you practice, if any. This is a spiritual, non-dogmatic path.

what is a priestess ?

a priestess is a woman who is devoted to her spiritual growth and to "knowing thyself". she is one who has chosen to be a vessel for love and for the divine. she is a woman who loves all things mystical and is here to be a light and guide for others.

questions? ask here

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sofia is a devotee of the great mother, priestess of the rose lineage and the isis-magdalene feminine mysteries. through ceremonial and oracular magic, she is devoted to guiding women into the wisdom of the moon cycle, womb empowerment, spiritual sovereignty, and sensual liberation.
she is guided by lady venus in the tantric path of union, pleasure and the Beauty Way. sofia loves to witness women reclaim their voice, bodies, innate wildness and erotic innocence. she is also trained in the Moon Priestess Arts, is a flower essence practitioner and a 500 hr certified yoga teacher. she lives and holds monthly goddess temples/ women circles in new york city and is originally from colombia. 
learn more here

photos by rachel crane photography