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"divine mother of all life, take me to that place deep within your womb where i can know no-thing and be reborn anew."

-Kaia Ra


Beloved Sister,

you are a daughter of the goddess and it is your birthright to


remember your divinity

you know you are here for something big, magical & powerful

you know there's more to life & you will not settle 

for a life half lived in anxiety, depression & limiting beliefs

I know you want to heal the world


I know you want to follow your soul and live out your dreams

you want to feel wild, free & feminine

the change you wish to see starts with you

it starts with your devotion to reach your highest potential




embody your soul essence

what you do matters, you matter

and your awakening & healing supports the awakening & healing of


the world


within your womb you carry the codes of the Magdalene flame of wisdom, love & power


it is time

to reclaim your erotic innocence, your sovereignty, your pleasure, your purpose & to remember your body as a temple.



it is time 

to come back home to yourself, to love yourself fully, to align your actions, thoughts & beliefs with your highest desires.



it is time

to embody the woman you were born to be & to know that you are worthy of living your heaven on earth.


and so it is.


Welcome Sister,

I am delighted you've found your way here, it is my prayer that you remember that you are made of love and that the Divine  Feminine lives in you. in these chaotic times we are living in  it is essential that we connect to our hearts and wombs to live the life we came here to live and to be the women we were born to be. through the wisdom of our bodies we remember our truth. the rose teaches us the feminine path of love. let the rose guide you back to the infinite potential of your soul.

a hundred rose petals at your feet,

Sofia Magdalene Rose